Infrastructure maintanence

Preventive maintenance:
  • Scheduled maintenance on AC power systems, DC power systems, air conditioning systems, grounding systems, telesynation systems and alarms, and power-generating sets;
  • System of prevention, alarm and fire fighting;
  • Elaboration of maintenance report with all measurements and photographic report;
  • Field survey and elaboration of thermographic and grounding reports.
Corrective maintenance:
  • Correction and normalization of defects caused by vandalism, natural wear of parts, rains, etc.
  • Attendance of SLA deadlines as per contract.
  • Management of activities through STTE's own software of incident management and control.
Building and janitorial maintenance:
  • Cleaning and maintenance of land and interior areas of the sites, recoveries of gates, gates, fences, walls, walks, masonry repair and maintenance on doors, windows, hinges, locks, taps, logs, hydraulic pumps and valves.
  • Cleaning of outdoor cabinets, containers, gutters, gutters and tree pruning.
  • Removal of moths, bees, birds, etc., following Ibama standards.


Extensive experience in projects, deployment, optimization and maintanence of equipment, with instruments and trained staff with expertise in GSM, 3G and LTE systems and experience in Nokia / Siemens, Ericsson, Alcatel, NEC and Huawei equipment.

Main cellular services:

  • Installation of radio base stations in indoor and outdoor environments, rooftop, greenfield and microcells;
  • Radiating system installation, including the supply of RF cables, connectors, accessories and VSWR tests;
  • Installation, commissioning and testing of transmission links;
  • Radiometric reports (Anatel's 303 resolution);
  • Drive test execution and optimization adjustments;
  • Installation and activation of signal boosters and repeaters, such as Splice, Allgon, KF, Autel, COMBA, Andrew, Powerwave among others;
  • Site survey execution, tower assembly and point definition and reporting;
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance of radio base stations;
  • Installation and adaptation of special systems for mobile Radio Base Stations (COW);
  • Supply and installation of solar-powered nightblock system;
  • Relocation, disassembly, inventory and transportation of vertical structures and equipment.

Microwave Radio Link

  • Installation, testing, measurements and alignment of Mini-Link Radio Link of 1+0 and 1+1 in the bands 400Mhz, 1.5Ghz, 2.4Ghz, 4.5Ghz, 5.7Ghz up to 38Ghz;
  • Pre-Survey (Point qualification and reporting);
  • Site survey;
  • System Engineering (calculation of performance, calculation of interference, frequency plan, ANATEL consultation);
  • Installation survey;
  • Preliminary and definitive projects;
  • Supply of installation materials such as cables, connectors, blocks, racks, 19" racks and DID's;

Fixed network - data

  • Installation, testing and activation of data transmission equipment in metallic and optical networks (DSLAN, PTN, Access, Datacom, DWDM);
  • Installation survey;
  • Preliminary and definitive projects;
  • Supply of installation materials such as cables, connectors, blocks, racks, 19" racks and DID's;
  • Infrastructure adaptations, with supply and installation of mats, electrical boards, grounding, metallic bases and masonry.

Vertical structures

Preventive and corrective maintenance on poles, towers, trestles, supports and foundations.

Grounding systems

Deployment, improvements, technical evaluations and maintenance of grounding systems.

Technical reports

Technical reports and projects for execution of reinforcement in vertical structures, foundations and building structures.

Cellular systems

Projects, installations, tests and maintenance of 2G, 3G and 4G cellular systems for indoor and outdoor cover.

Air conditioning systems

Technical studies, projects and preventive and corrective maintenance in air conditioning systems.

Drive test and walk test

Drive test and walk test in 2G, 3G and 4G technologies with reporting coverage and benchmarking.